Can't Make It To An Open House? Take a Virtual Open House Tour Instead

Virtual Open House Technology Beginning To Make Impact On Real Estate Industry

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Photo source: LA Times

Virtual Open House Tours Now Available For Buyers 24/7

For anyone who is in the market to buy a home, finding time to search for a property can be time consuming given the fact that most of us live busy lives and are constantly on the go. However, thanks to recent virtual open house technology, buyers can search for homes without ever having to leave the house right from the comfort of their sofa!

Recent developments from companies like Samsung, who now sells virtual reality head gear sets such as the Samsung Gear VR, have allowed users to take home tours through virtual spaces by wearing VR googles. The process is simple, goggle-wearing users simply move their heads from side to side to move from room to room while focusing on small target-shaped marks which allows the user to zoom in and out of spaces.

At my office, Sotheby’s Brentwood, this VR technology has been used to market homes 12 times this year and a total of 40 times companywide. The manager of Sotheby’s Brentwood, Joe Cilic, recently spoke with the LA Times about the use of VR technology to market homes. Joe told the LA Times, “When visiting a home, there’s such a brief time period to see things. You forget the layout, where your art’s going to go. Appointments may be hard to get; with VR, you can tour the house as many times as you want.”

Many tech industry experts predict this is just the start of VR technology and within the next few years this will become as common as the use of smartphones. Especially as the technology advances and the price begins to decrease.

According to the LA Times, companies such as Transported, YouVisit and ReallyThere are creating websites to exhibit VR homes.

Cardboard goggles, the alternative to more expensive VR head sets, are also being used in the field of real estate to market properties via VR technology. The LA Times has reported that many Realtors nationwide are beginning to use cardboard googles, and are even beginning to brand these goggles with logos and contact information. These branded goggles can then be sent to clients who operate them through the use of their smartphones.





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