Chill Air Conditioning Costs With These 5 Tips

How To Keep Summer Energy Costs Down

Keep Utility Bills Down By Reducing Summer Energy Costs

With the end of June gloom approaching and yesterday being the first official start of summer, many households are wondering how to keep summer energy costs down. Whether you rent or own a home, this most recent heat wave in Los Angeles caused many household air conditioners to run high all throughout the Southland, which means higher energy bills at the end of the month. Fortunately though, there are some easy ways to reduce summer energy costs without having to sweat through the entire summer by going sans air conditioner. Below is a list of ways households can start cutting energy costs now.

Keep Shades Closed

Keep the warm sun out as much as possible by remembering to close blinds and shades in every room of the home. In addition, consider planting small trees or bushes around the home to give more coverage around the outside.

Reduce Oven Usage

This one of course may be difficult, but using the oven heats up the whole house. Instead, enjoy getting take-out once in a while or cook a meal outside on the grill or use a toaster oven. Cooking meals on the stove is also a good alternative, because the stove gives off less heat than the oven.

Get In the Habit of Unplugging

Unplug, unplug, unplug! Take the time to unplug as many electronics throughout the home as much as possible. That means evens TVs, in addition to cell phone chargers and computers. The one exception is ceiling fans, consider running those when in a room instead of turning down the air conditioner.

Seal Up Any Holes

If you have any holes or cracks in windows be sure to take time to seal those up so cold air from the air conditioner does not escape. This can be done by purchasing foam and caulking at any home maintenance store.

Keep the Filters Clean

An important part of keeping an air conditioner working properly is cleaning out filters on a regular basis. According to, air conditioner filters need regular maintenance for the unit to function effectively and efficiently. Many experts recommend cleaning air filters once a month. This can be done by simply removing the filter, running it under water, and letting it air dry.

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