How To Get Your House Ready For Summer

Summer is Fast Approaching! Here Are 5 Summer Home Preparation Tips

summer home preparation

Summer Home Preparation

With the official start of summer just a few weeks away, schedule a morning or afternoon between now and then to get your home and backyard ready with my below summer home preparation tips!

Clean Windows:

Having dirty windows can give a home a dreary, dingy look. They can impede an otherwise lovely outside view and give the impression of an unkempt home to even the most well-maintained abodes, so be sure to take time to spruce them up. Tips on how to clean windows like a pro can be found, here.

Fix Sprinklers:

Inspect sprinklers in the front and backyard by checking for winter damage such as broken heads or cracked pipes. To do so, take a moment to run your sprinklers one area at a time. Any sprinkler heads that bubble or spew out like a geyser should be replaced with a new head.

Wash Down the Deck:

If you have a deck in your yard, get it ready for summer by washing it down with a deck brush or power cleaner and a proper deck-cleaning solution. This will remove any dirt, mildew, and mold. Deck cleaning solutions can be purchased at your local home maintenance repair store or by preparing a DIY solution.

Spruce Up Flower Beds:

Weeds can accumulate very quickly so start by clearing those pesky things out of the flower beds. Next, use a gardening tool such as a small shovel or spade to fix up bed edges. Lastly, break up the top inch or two of soil if appears tightly packed and then apply 2 to 3 inches of mulch.

Tend To The Air Conditioner:

One way to ensure proper use of your air conditioner during the warm months is to hose down the air conditioner condenser. Be sure to turn the power on the electrical panel off before washing down all the coils with a hose and clearing away leaves or branches that are stuck in the unit. If you find chewed wires, call a professional to fix them. During the summer months air conditioners get a lot usage, so this is one summer home preparation tip not be overlooked.


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