Is Your Home On The LA Seismic Retrofit List?

Newly Released LA Seismic Retrofit List Indicates 13,500 Homes At Risk

LA Seismic Retrofit List

Photo credit: LA Times

Analysis Of The LA Seismic Retrofit List

Recently, the LA Seismic Retrofit List was released by the city of Los Angeles after city officials spent the last two years finding apartment buildings most vulnerable to collapse in the event of a major earth quake. The LA Seismic Retrofit List is an index of approximately 13,500 soft-story buildings that may need seismic strengthening. According to the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety, soft-story buildings are “multi-story buildings with weak and/or open front wall lines creating a soft-story (i.e. buildings with tuck-under-parking).” Historically, soft-story buildings perform poorly during earth quakes, and sometimes have collapsed.

To put together the LA Seismic Retrofit List city building officials went through thousands of city records and walked block-to-block to find structures at risk, according to the LA Times. Owners of every building on the LA Seismic Retrofit List have been put on notice and some owners have already started the retrofitting process. The Times reported that some properties upon a detailed inspection will not need retrofitting, but for those that do the cost can be as much as $130,000 to implement.

Research by the LA Times indicates the majority of soft-story buildings in need of retrofitting are found in neighborhoods in the San Fernando Valley, Westside, and Hollywood. An analysis done by The Times found that more than 3,200 buildings on the list are in the San Fernando Valley neighborhood of Northridge, home to at least 75,000 units. On the Westside the Palms, Mar Vista, West L.A., and Venice neighborhoods also have many soft-story buildings. In addition, The Times analysis found that there are many soft-story buildings in Hollywood and around Koreatown that may need retrofitting. To find out if your home is on the LA Seismic Retrofit List have a look, here.

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