Here's How To Stage Your Home To Sell

Get Your Home Sold With These Professional Home Staging Tips

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What Is Home Staging?

Home staging is the act of preparing a home to for sale through furniture placement, depersonalization, and de-cluttering in order to appeal to a maximum amount of prospective home buyers. For homeowners, the goal of home staging is to get buyers to be able to image themselves in a home. Home staging can not only entice more buyers, but it can also increase the number of offers a home may get and potentially draw it into a bidding war. Even though home staging can be expensive, it’s often worth the investment. According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), staging a home that is for sale can affect the way a buyer values it and the price a seller can actually get for it.

Secrets of Home Staging From An Expert

Professional Home Stager, Leslie Whitlock, says that both vintage and modern homes can see benefits from home staging. He suggests vintage, or older homes with smaller rooms can be made to look larger with minimal but comfortable furnishings. Whitlock, who is based in Los Angeles, says he often works with a “California contemporary” theme in his staging. He describes this theme as a comfortable clean group of furnishing with a neutral palette, and pops of color sporadically placed in pillows and art work.

According to Whitlock, the 3 most important aspects of home staging is lighting, flooring, and paint. For homeowners that want to stage their home but are on a budget, Whitlock says start with paint. He suggests using a clean, contemporary white paint color such as, Behr’s Weathered White, throughout the home as a very economical and stylish way to prepare a home for sale.

When it comes to floors there are many options homeowners can go with. Whitlocks suggests, homeowners should consider which direction they’d like to take their house in, either sleek or rustic. This will help them make a decision on flooring. Wide plank flooring, and beautiful reproduction floors, known as engineered wood, come in great bleach tones and wood stain colors. For lighting, Whitlock says, every staged home can benefit from recessed ceiling lighting. If a home does not have ceiling lighting, consider bringing in more lamps to compensate for a lack of lighting.

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