Begin By Decluttering Your Home!

What are some effective ways to increase the value of your home before selling?

There many ways that sellers can increase the value of their home, before putting it on the market for sale. Below are some of the most effective ways you can increase the value of your home before selling.

1. Clean Out 

Clutter can make a space seem smaller. The larger the home is perceived to be, the more desirable it is to buyers. Take time to clean out clutter in all areas of the home. If there are some items you just can’t part with, rent a POD to store items. For a permanent clean out try the KonMari method explained, here.

2. Clean Up

Once all the clutter is cleared out, take time to paint the walls, shampoo the carpets, wash the windows, and rake the leave in the yard.

3. Fix, Fix, Fix

Go through your home, room by room, and make a checklist of everything that needs to be fixed. Next to each item, make a note of anything you need to buy before completing the fix up. Then, head over to the hardware store!

4. Fluff It Up

Making a great first impression with a buyers can go a long way in attracting several offers and thereby increase the value of your home. Home staging can help make a great first impression. Before listing your home, consider what a professional home stager would do. When it comes to decorating, be sure to use a neutral palate when painting and decorating with furniture. Using neutral colors will help appeal to a larger amount of buyers, who may have otherwise been turned off by bright, bold paint colors or furniture pieces that are not their taste. The key is to keep buyers focused on the home and not on a particular decor style. More home staging tips can be found, here.

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