Great Neighborhood Hiking Trails You Need To See

Walk this Way! Insider’s Guide to Residential Hiking Trails In West Los Angeles

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Hiking Resources

Like the Hollywood Bowl and Venice Beach, great hiking trails are quintessential to “Los Angeles” living. Almost everyone has a favorite hiking spot. Whether you are looking for dog-friendly or less-traveled, there are so many options to choose from. One of my favorite websites for hiking information is This website is an excellent resource for finding great hiking trails in Los Angeles, as it features lots of cool maps and also highlights special trails that are dog and biking-friendly.

I’ve found that many homeowners really value the convenience of a trail-head close to home, whether it’s so they can walk-off their stressed-out commute or just enjoy an afternoon outdoors. Below are a few relaxing residential hikes in neighborhoods we love: 90077, 90049 and 90210.

Bel Air

Follow Bellagio until it turns into Casiano, and head up until the paved road stops. This mainly flat fire trail parallels the 405, but it also offers several (optional) very challenging hills. Further east, off Seabury Lane and Beverly Glen Place, there are a series of twisting trails which can put you out overlooking the Stone Canyon Reservoir.


Check out the top of Kenter to access the Lower Canyonback Trail. It will eventually connect to Upper Canyonback Trail, which can also be accessed from the north side of Mountaingate, past the tennis courts. If you live in Studio City or Hollywood Hills, hop over to Fryman Road.

Beverly Hills

You can even get away from it all in the 90210! Check out spectacular Summitridge in Beverly Hills.

Find The Hidden Trails

Los Angeles is full of many lesser known trails, for more information on locating those “secretive” trails, have a look, here.

Safety Tips

Lastly, don’t forget to be safe out there and have respect for the creatures among us. Bring water, don’t litter, use doggie poop bags when necessary, and hike with a buddy. If you think that “walking and talking” beats Peets coffee, please let us what your favorite trail is the comments section!


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