Bounce Into Spring With These Spring Cleaning Tips

Your Guide To Spring Cleaning, Room By Room

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Spring Cleaning Begins With A Little Motivation

Many of us live busy lives, and the annual task of spring cleaning can seem overwhelming. However, with a little motivation and proper time management, anyone can tackle the household ritual of spring cleaning. Los Angeles based Organizing Coach and Designer, Amy Suddleson, suggests starting by simply scheduling the time do spring cleaning, and to be flexible within your schedule. Once you’ve schedule the time if you’re feeling overwhelmed, Suddleson, recommends just starting small. Choose a room to start in and begin by focusing on completing one small task. By completing that one small task, you’ll begin to feel motivated because when you feel success, you then feel motivated, she says. Once you feel that motivation, take that energy and put it into taking on the rest of the home.

Below is a guide, broken down room by room, with tips and tricks for spring cleaning for every area of the home! Taking the time to clean and organize a living space is an important part of everyone’s home life, because as author, Marie Kondo, says, “when you put your house in order, you put your affairs and past in order, too.”

Living and Dining Rooms

A good place to start your spring cleaning is by beginning with dusting living, family, and dining rooms in the home. Next, break out those vacuum attachments that may have been sitting in your closet for a while and give drapes a thorough cleaning. Afterwards, wipe down all walls with a wet cloth or a Swifter wet sweeper. Hint: The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser works wonders for removing spots on walls!

Because of the day-to-day usage that couches get, they are not to be overlooked during spring cleaning as well. Start by removing all couch cushions, then using your vacuum attachments, vacuum up dust, crumbs, dirt etc. that have found their way into the inside of your couch. Follow that task by cleaning floors. If you have carpet, examine the floors for any stains and apply a carpet cleaner to remove. Hint: Mix equal parts vinegar and water for a natural alternative to a standard carpet cleaner. Follow by vacuuming the entire room.


Our refrigerators get a lot of usage on a day to day basis, so don’t overlook cleaning this kitchen appliance. Begin by emptying out all contents and storing them in a cooler while you wipe down shelves and clean drawers with a sponge, soap, and water. Next, remove any messes left in the microwave by placing a bowl of water filled with soap and a squirt of lemon juice, in the microwave and running it for 2 to 3 minutes. Afterwards, remove the bowl and give the inside a thorough cleaning with a sponge. Stove tops can be cleaned by removing burner grates and cleaning with steel wool sponges.

Next, wipe down counter tops with a kitchen cleaner. Don’t forget to wash windows and wipe down cabinets as well. Helpful tips on how to clean your oven from can be found, here.


Start by throwing rugs and towels in the washing machine. Next, tackle bath tubs and shower walls by applying a strong cleaning agent and letting it sit on the surface. While your tubs and showers are soaking, begin cleaning walls and wiping down counters and sinks with your chosen cleaning agent.

Don’t forget to clean mirrors with glass cleaner and also wash the inside of windows. Next, give the floor a thorough cleaning with a water-soaked mop. If drawers and cabinets need some organizing, considering buying drawer dividers or trays to help separate and organize bathroom toiletries, make up, hair accessories, etc.


Before doing anything, start by airing out bedrooms by opening up windows and letting fresh air in for a minimum of 30 minutes. Next, wash linens such as sheets, mattress covers, pillow covers, duvets, bed skirts etc. Hint: Begin by washing bedding items in order of what goes on the bed first such as bed skirts and mattress pads. That way, you can put the items back on the bed after they come out of the dryer in order. This way they won’t get wrinkled sitting in the hamper, while you wait for the rest of the bedding to get cleaned.

Next, break out those vacuum attachments again and give drapes a thorough cleaning. In addition, take time to dust all window coverings and furniture in bedrooms, clean mirrors, and wash windows. Finally, you’ll want to give the floors a good cleaning.

As months go on and we get busy, closets can get quite messy as well. shares some great tips on how to tackle cleaning your closet, here.

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