How To Host A Star-Worthy Academy Awards Viewing Party

Didn’t Get An Invite To The Academy Awards? Throw A Fabulous Oscar Viewing Party Instead!

Oscar viewing party

6 Tips For Hosting A Fun & Lively Oscar Viewing Party

1. Celebrate In Style

Over the years the red carpet portion of the Academy Awards has become almost as important as the awards themselves. Glitz and glam are half the fun, so be sure to dress up and encourage guests to sport their most glam-worthy outfit to your Oscar viewing party, in honor of the most coveted red carpet in the world.

2. Décor

Roll out a red carpet for guests to strut their stuff when they arrive. You can keep it simple by heading to your local craft store and picking up either red felt or fabric for an easy DIY red carpet. Also, another fun idea is to set up a step and repeat for guests to walk upon arriving at the party (hint: Pinterest has lots of DIY ideas on how make a step and repeat)!

In addition, you can choose a color theme such as gold or silver and buy balloons, plates, napkins, cups, etc. in your chosen theme color to keep a fun, celebratory feel to the event. Also, if you’d like to go the extra mile, stores such as Party City offer Hollywood themed balloons, Hollywood movie scene markers, and Hollywood star trophies that you can pick up as decor items as well.

3. Food

Be sure to have plenty of tasty treats for guests to nosh on all evening long. Movie theater-themed foods like boxes of popcorn and candy are a must at any Oscar viewing party. You can also serve menu items such as pizza and other finger foods for party-goers to enjoy. Or you can do a potluck and have your guests bring their favorite dishes.

4. Toast The Winners

The Oscars are a celebratory night, so naturally champagne should be number one on your drink menu. In addition to champagne though, you can offer guests Oscar themed cocktails. Huffington Post shares some great drink recipes, here (hint: one of which is appropriately named the Red Carpet Royale)!

5. Keep Things Interesting

The Oscars are a long program so during the commercial breaks keep the evening interesting with games for your guests to play. You can opt for an Academy Awards trivia game or Oscar bingo to play with guests. HGTV has free printable bingo cards you can download, here. Hand out different bingo cards to guests and have gold star stickers available for guests to fill their cards with. The first person to fill 5 spaces in a row wins!

In addition to trivia games and bingo, you can hand out ballot sheets before the start of the show and have guest fill in who their picks for best screen play, best actor, best supporting actor, etc. are. Then after the show hand out prizes to the party-goers with the most correct answers on their ballot sheet!

6. Gift Awesome Goodies

Swag bags are a Hollywood staple so if you want to go that extra mile, consider handing out small gift bags at the end of the night to guests. They don’t have to be filled with extravagant items, just simple gifts such as fashion magazines, tiny bags of gourmet popcorn, beauty products, or even a gift card to Netflix. This small added touch will have your guests leaving your Oscar viewing party feeling like a star!

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