Throw them away, unless you want trouble.

What should i do when I receive letters from potential buyer’s agents even though my home is not listed?

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This has become an all too common practice that Real Estate Agents use to generate a new listing.  Unless you are thinking of selling your home, don’t waste your time. Even if you are remotely curious about the value of your home, I would not recommend contacting the “Buyer’s” Agent, because you are the Seller. You deserve your own representation!

So why do real estate agents keep doing this? Unfortunately, many homeowners go down this path as an easy way to find out the “market value” of their home. An agent with their foot in the door in the hopes of getting a listing will typically quote a higher than market pricing to get the homeowner excited about signing a reduced- commission listing!

If you really want to know the value of your home, please contact me for a no-obligation, complimentary market evaluation. Not only will I give you an accurate idea of the price range at which your home will sell, I will also let you know how quickly this will happen and how to prepare your home for proper showings. In addition, if you are relocating to a new area, I can provide you with a professional referral to help find your perfect new home.

On a last note, if you are still tempted to let not only one, but two, strangers into your home, take these basic steps.

  • Verify the Agent’s license with the California Real Estate Division website and check for any complaints or licensing issues.
  • Have the Buyer register with their name and contact information, as well as provide their pre-qualification documents ahead of time.
  • Do not leave valuables out in the open.

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