How To Step Up Your Garden Just In Time For Spring

7 Ways To Get Your Garden Ready For Spring


How To Spruce Up Your Garden, Now Is The Time To Plant Bare Root Roses

With spring fast approaching now is the time to give your garden a good sprucing. Whether you have a large garden with lots of plants and flowers or just a small backyard garden, be sure to carve out time before the end of the month to tidy up the yard and tend to those roses.

Prune/Plant Roses

Here in Southern California we don’t get cold enough temperatures to cause our roses to go into dormancy on their own, so we have to force it. We do this by pruning and striping off any foliage on the roses in an effort to cause them to take a winter snooze. The purpose of this mainly is to encourage new stem growth and blossoms.

Prune roses by cutting about ¼ inch above the bud at a 45-degree angle and remove all dead canes that appear to be shriveled or brown. Ideally, early January through February is the best time to prune roses, in addition to planting bare root roses.

Don’t Forget To Mulch

Mulch is a type of material that is spread over the soil, and is used to help retain moisture and suppress weeds. Late winter and early spring are great times to re-mulch. Only do so however, if your garden has less than 3 inches of mulch. When re-mulching avoid covering perennial plants and leave 3 to 6 inches between trees/shrubs and mulch.

Pick Veggies

Before you plant your bare root roses or any flowers, be sure to pick your veggies first. If you’d like to add some tomatoes or cucumbers to your garden, now is the time to plant those as well. In addition, other vegetables such as leafy greens, garlic, herbs, and root veggies such as carrots and parsnips do well when planted in late winter or early spring.

Replace Broken Pots

One great way to spruce up your garden is to check all pots for any cracks and replace broken ones. Also, if you have a plant that is outgrowing the pot don’t just leave it as is, re-pot the plant. Doing so, will keep the plant in better condition longer.

Give Older Plants A Boost

Sometimes during the winter months older plants can appear worn out, so don’t forget to give them a tending to as well. Check for any areas that need to be trimmed and for winter damage that may occur such as frosting.

Consider Adding Trees or Bushes

Spring is also an ideal time to think about planting trees and bushes, if you have the space in your garden. A helpful tip when planting trees and bushes is to do so in an area of your backyard that gets plenty of sun light.

Water-wise Lawn Alternatives

Due to the drought here in California, many homeowners have seen their lawns be negatively effected by stricter water-conservation rules. However, just because we are in drought doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy having a plush, green lawn in your front and back yards. Click here to view alternative drought-tolerant grass species that are well suited for our warm and dry California weather.

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