Budget-Friendly Ways To Boost Up Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Step Up Curb Appeal In Your Home With These Tips


The Value Of Curb Appeal

Many have probably heard the term curb appeal and know that it means the level of outside attractiveness a home has. However, what many homeowners don’t always realize is just how important it is when it comes to selling a home. Studies have shown that some buyers won’t even bother to look inside a home if it doesn’t have nice curb appeal. If you’re planning on selling your home but the exterior needs a little work, follow the below budget-friendly tips to get your home in tip-top-shape.

Update The Porch:

When selling your home, making a strong first impression is essential so having an updated, well designed porch can go along way when setting the tone during a showing with potential buyers. Doing updates such as repainting the front door with a beautiful color, especially one that contrasts with the home’s exterior can make a difference. In addition, consider adding a seasonal display. For example, in the fall perhaps add a wreath that features lovely fall colors to the front door.

Improve Landscaping:

Having a well landscaped yard is an critical part of having great curb appeal. Be sure to mow the lawn weekly and don’t overlook weeds. Although it can time consuming getting outside and tending to the front yard, it will go a long way in maintaining that wow factor when potential buyers see the home. In addition, be sure to maintain any flower beds. Having well-kept flowers along a walkway or featured on the porch adds a lot of charm to a home’s exterior.

Restore Old House Numbers:

Updating old, worn-looking house numbers is a great, inexpensive way to boost curb appeal. This can be done by heading to your local hardware store and purchasing new modern, stylish house numbers or a kit and installing yourself. You can also pick up a can of paint and repaint your house number featured on the curb. Implementing either updates can cost as little as $20.00.

Clean Windows:

Many experts suggest washing your windows twice a year if possible and even though it may seem like quite a chore doing so is important because no buyer wants to look at a home with dirty windows. First begin by washing your windows on the inside and then make your way out. If you don’t have windows that angle out, you may need a ladder for any second story windows. An easy way to clean the outside is by spraying with a hose and then washing with a squeegee and a bite of soap diluted in warm water.

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