Why HOA's Are Good For Homeowners

Understanding The Benefits of A Homeowner Association

homeowner association

What Is A Homeowner Association?

A Homeowner Association (HOA) is an organization that is formed when a planned development such a gated community or housing subdivision is built. HOA’s can apply to condominiums and townhouse complexes but are more commonly used in single-family developments. When an individual buys a property in a planned development, they are automatically a member of an association that the property applies to. As a homeowner there are many benefits that come with being a part of an HOA. For starters, homeowners never have to worry about a dwindling community appearance because housing developments with HOA’s have to follow rules set by the association. If homeowners don’t follow standards put in place by an HOA they typically have to pay a fine. That means homeowners are likely to see well-maintained lawns, homes without deteriorated exterior paint, and other factors that can make a home look worn out, in a community with an HOA.

How HOA’s Improve Neighborhoods

In order keep a well-maintained community, Homeowner associations must charge fees. However, with the fees come less maintenance that homeowners have to take care of such as trash removal and front lawn landscaping. In addition, many associations maintain common areas for residents. Common areas located within HOA’s differ depending on the association, but many include swimming pools, spas, and club houses for residents and their guests to use. Some also provide other recreational amenities such as tennis courts, basketball courts, playing fields, and walking trails. Homeowner associations will often have boards that exist to oversee the management of these amenities and other aspects. These boards are a benefit to residents in the event of a neighbor dispute such as dog’s barking loudly or a visual nuisances. If a resident has an issue, they can seek a resolution through management rather than having to resolve it directly with their neighbors themselves. There are of course other benefits that come with owning a property located within a Homeowner Association but the above show that overall HOA’s work to improve community living for residents.

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