Design Trends That Can Turn Buyers Off

Beware of these 5 design trends that make it harder to sell your home

Remodeling Your Home? Avoid These 5 Design Trends


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If you’re considering selling your home keep in mind that there are many factors involved in whether potential buyers decide they like a home. One aspect that sellers tend to overlook is whether the overall design and look of their home will be appealing to the most amount of potential buyers when they decide to sell. When listing your home beware of the below design trends that can end up being a major turn-off for many home buyers.

Too Much Carpeting Throughout The Home

Popular design trends decades ago included looks such as wall-to-wall carpeting. Today, however, the look of wall-to-wall carpeting can be seen as a negative for buyers. Carpeting is not only expensive to replace but can also be difficult to maintain. Flooring such as tile or wood is much easier to clean and maintain and also offers a sleeker look. If you have carpeting in almost every room of your home, consider replacing with some type of flooring for maximum appeal to buyers when selling your home.

Bold, Brightly Colored Walls and Graphic Wallpaper

Design trends like accent walls painted with bold colors such as red or blue and creative wallpaper can be great for decorating but not so good when selling your home, and trying to appeal to potential buyers that may not have the same taste in design. If you don’t already have neutral colored walls in your home, consider repainting before putting your home on the market.

Outdated Kitchen Appliances

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the home so be sure to keep appliances up-to-date as much as possible. Any appliances resembling that avocado-green colored oven your Grandma had in her home growing up should be replaced with new stainless steel appliances. Design trends in the kitchen such as stainless steel and other modern looks are a big draw for many millennial home buyers who are beginning to enter to real estate market in large numbers.

Spare Rooms Being Used As Hobby Spaces

Extra bedrooms in the home can be great to utilize as a space to work on hobbies like music or art but when it comes time to sell, potential buyers end up seeing those converted rooms as something other than what they in turn would utilize them for. For maximum appeal consider staging hobby rooms as spare bedrooms when selling.

Over-The-Top Backyards

Creating an opulent outdoor space with lush greenery can be quite visually appealing but for many home buyers it can also be seen as a space requiring a lot of maintenance. If you’re redoing your backyard have your landscaper design a great outdoor space that can be enjoyed without too much maintenance.

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