Get Ready, Daylight Saving Time Begins Tomorrow

Reminder: Set Your Clocks Back 1 Hour For The Start Of Daylight Saving Time

Daylight Saving Time

November 1st. Marks The Start Of Daylight Saving Time:

Now that Halloween has arrived we have just one day before the start of Daylight Saving Time (DST). Tomorrow morning, (Sunday, November 1, 2015) at 2 a.m. the clocks will be turned backwards by 1 hour. This time change will result in more light in the morning due to the sunrise and sunset beginning an hour earlier than the day before.

Changing The Clocks:

One of the benefits of modern technology is that the time on our cellphones and other modern electronics will typically automatically reset on their own when Daylight Saving Time begins, leaving us with no work to do there. However, we do need to remember to change any clocks throughout the home, office, or car that need to be manually reset to an hour back. Keep in mind also that not all states throughout the U.S. recognize Daylight Saving Time so if you have a friend or relative in a state that doesn’t observe DST be aware that they’re going to be an hour ahead. States and territories that don’t recognize Daylight Saving Time are Arizona, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, American Samoa, Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Getting Used To The Time Change:

Parts of the country that do recognize Daylight Saving Time do often welcome the fall time change because it means we gain an hour of sleep. The spring Daylight Saving Time can be more of a challenge and harder to get used to though because we essentially lose an hour of sleep which for some can take up to a week to get used to. One downside to fall DST however, is the lack of light in the evening. Medical experts say that the dark nights and lack of light during this time of year can cause Seasonal Affective Disorder in some individuals. Ways to prevent the disorder include light therapy, getting outside during daylight hours to increase sun exposure, and exercising later in the day which will aide in keeping energy up during the darker evenings.

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