Spotlight On The Beverly Hills Witch’s House

Spotlight On The Beverly Hills Witch’s House

The Beverly Hills Witch's House

Get spooked at the Beverly Hills Witch’s House this Halloween!

If you live in Beverly Hills, at one point or another you’ve probably come across a well-known city landmark known as the Spadena House aka the Beverly Hills Witch’s House. A home originally built in the 1920s for Willat Studios, that resembles a gingerbread house fit for the witch from Hansel and Gretel. With it’s pointy, curled wooden roof, tilted shutters, and whimsical garden it’s not hard to see why this landmark home boasts its current name.

Back in the 1920s, Willat Studios used the home as its offices and occasionally for movie sets during the silent film era. Eventually the Beverly Hills Witch’s House was moved to its current location in Beverly Hills, located just a few blocks from Rodeo Dr. on the corner of Walden Dr. and Carmelita Ave. It had various owners until the home was purchased by the Green family in 1965 according to the blog, Vintage Los Angeles. The blog’s owner Alison Martino has said that during the 1970s and 80s on Halloween night the Green family would dress up in costumes and hand out Halloween candy while dry ice would be floating from the outside of the home and Disney’s Haunted Mansion soundtrack would be playing in the background.

Today, the Halloween traditions continue by current owner, Michael Lebow who typically will decorate the home in spooky Halloween garb and pass out candy to local trick-or-treaters. Lebow, who is a real estate agent, bought the home in 1998 and has done extensive renovation over the years. Occasionally he will do interviews and share pictures and video of his renovations. If you haven’t had a chance to see the whimsical renovation, take a moment and check it out here. In addition, if you happen to find yourself in the Beverly Hills area on the spookiest of nights, October 31st, be sure to make a stop at the Beverly Hills Witch’s House. Who knows you may even catch a glimpse of a ghost or ghoul lurking around in the night.

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