Rock Your Harvest Party With These 5 Fall Party Ideas

Revamp Your Seasonal Get-Together With These 5 Fall Party Ideas


fall party ideas


For many fall is a popular season. Temperatures cool down, leaves begin to turn colors, kids go back to school, and seasonal desserts and decorations begin showing up in stores. For those party hosts who love to celebrate the fall season, below are some quick tips on how to throw the perfect fall festival party. In addition, for a more detailed look on fall party ideas be sure click on the above image to watch a great video from HGTV.

Fun Decor Ideas For Indoors & Out:

There are endless great decor fall party ideas for hosts to take advantage of at their next party. For example if your hosting your next party in your backyard try using stacks of hay with blankets layered over them as seating. In addition, try seasonal themed garland such paper leaves in a variety of fall colors purchasable at an arts and crafts store or candy corn designed garland you can make at home.

Fall In Love With Fall Recipes:

Supplying your party with great seasonal drinks and menu options for guests to nosh on and enjoy is an essential part of any fabulous harvest party. For the adults at the party a twist on regular apple cider such as a spiked apple sangria is sure to be a hit with all. For the kids, a child-friendly drink such as apple cider garnished with a cinnamon stick is also sure to be popular with the little ones. For menu options, consider serving caramel popcorn and bite sized candy apple bites as snack options for kids and bite sized pigs in a blanket or crispy corn flaked chicken sliders for adults.

Gifts & Games Sure To Impress:

Hosts can also get creative with gift and game fall party ideas. The ever-popular bobbing for apples is a joy for many kids and is a popular party game as is the fall twist on tic-tact-toe which is played with pumpkins. After all the fun and games though its always a nice touch to send guests home with a parting gift. Gift ideas such as mason jars filled with cookies or bags of seasonal Chex Mix garnished with pretty ribbon makes for a tasty parting gift. Little bars of soap with gold fish inside is also a fun parting gifts for party goers. Directions on how to make goldfish soap can be found via a link in the above video and of course for more fall party ideas be sure to view the whole informative video featured above or by clicking here.

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