Pull Out Those Backpacks And No. 2 Pencils, Were Going Back To School

Start Dates & Helpful Tips On Getting Back To School Ready

back to school

Schedule Changes:

The end of summer brings the start of school and the return of thousands of kids to the classroom to start the new 2015 – 2016 school year. Back to school season can be both exciting and a bit nerve racking, especially with the adjustment from summer vacation to a new school year schedule. An easy way to ease your child into a new schedule can be beginning a new sleep schedule about two weeks before the big day by gradually waking him or her up a little earlier. That way your child is used to those early mornings in advance. In addition, to help manage school work, family time, and extracurricular activities consider creating one central family calendar that is kept in one place where all family members can reference what days they have after-school activities, school programs, volunteer work, etc. It will act as a one-stop shop for family time management and keep you and your child on track as you enter a new school year.

Back To School Shopping:

The fun part in preparing for a new school year for many parents and kids is back to school shopping. However, before you head out to the stores, be sure to do your prep work by taking an afternoon and deciding what your child’s clothing needs are. Go through drawers and closets and either store or donate anything that is worn-out or your child has grown out of. Once you’ve assessed what your child’s clothing needs are head out to the store as early as possible to avoid a picked-over selection of school supplies and clothing.

Los Angeles Start Dates:

For children attending Beverly Hills Unified School District this year’s classes began early on August 11th. The next Los Angeles area public school district to begin courses will be Los Angeles Unified School District on Tuesday, August 18th, Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District will follow and begin their school year on Thursday, August 20th, and Culver City Unified School District will begin their classes on Tuesday, August 25th. Los Angeles area private and charter schools are independent and have different start dates but for additional information on other schools visit the Parent’s Education League.

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